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Dhamma Pala Meditation Hall
Dhamma Pala Meditation Hall

Dhamma Pala is one of the many centres around the world dedicated to the practice of Vipassana meditation as taught by S. N. Goenka.

Dhamma Pala means one who protects Dhamma. It is situated at Bhopal, the capital city of Madhya Pradesh, India and is 46km from Sanchi, famous  for its great stupa built over the relics of Sariputta and Moggallana, the tallest of the Buddha’s disciples. Residential meditation courses are held here throughout the year. Dhamma Pala is managed by the Madhya Pradesh Vipassana Samiti, a registered charitable trust.

Set up on 5 acres of land, the Centre is ensconced in beautiful, quiet surroundings, covered by lush, evergreen forests. It presently has a Dhamma Hall, a mini Dhamma Hall, single room residential accommodation for 40 male and 30 female meditators, Teacher residences, Dining Hall and staff residential quarters. Construction of a Pagoda complex with 116 cells will commence shortly.

City Office Address
B-42, Mannipuram
Near Akshay Heart Hospital
Char Imli, Bhopal – 462016
Madhya Pradesh, INDIA

Mob.: +91-9425097358
Phone: +91-755-2468053 / +91-755-2462351
E-mail: info@pala.dhamma.org; dhammapala.bhopal@gmail.com
Website: pala.dhamma.org
International Website: dhamma.org
Website of Vipassana Research Institute: vri.dhamma.org

Centre Address
Dhamma Pala Vipassana Centre
Near Kerwa Dam
Daulatpura, Bhopal – 462044
Madhya Pradesh, INDIA
Phone: +91-755-2808627